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November 1, 2016

Bal Harbour, Miami

Let’s talk about luxury for a second. We can’t always afford it, but we wish we could. Who doesn’t spend their nights (and sometimes days too) dreaming of walking down the street with a pair of Jimmy Choo strappy heels or pulling out a Gucci wallet whenever you make a purchase? Studies have shown that millennials aren’t buying luxury brand products, and I don’t think it’s necessarily because we don’t want them or maybe not even that we can’t afford them. We’d much rather buy 5 new outfits and switch up our look completely than invest in a Chanel bag to have for even a few years.

Enough about my views, or possibly even a large percentage of my age group’s views on luxury brands – if you do want to relish in the world of expensive taste, I have just the place for you: Bal Harbour, one of the villages in Miami, Florida.

I was here for a charity event for an organization called Style Saves, which I really hope you all check out, because they’re really doing great things by combining fashion and philanthropy. This event was held at the Balenciaga store in the Bal Harbour Shops, where a percentage of each purchase was donated to Style Saves.

This is where the life of luxury comes in (as if it isn’t already obvious everywhere in Bal Harbour.) Each of the stores in this mall represent luxury brands, and the building itself shows this off as well with koi ponds under the glass floor, spiral staircases at each end, and large plants that practically scream Miami.

While here, I stayed in the Ritz Carlton on the oceanic side of Collins Ave, which had a beautiful view of the Atlantic from the Baker tower. I’m not sure if the ambiance of the hotel was still felt on the deck, or if it was the environment of Miami that made me feel so relaxed in their outdoor lounge areas.

Strange enough, one of the most impressive things to me about the Ritz Carlton was the bathroom. With a gorgeous curved bathtub, glass shower with one shower head and another ceiling stream, bidet, and tv screen on the mirror, I could have gotten ready in my usual 40 minutes, but instead I preferred to lounge in the tub and check out the view through the wall of windows.

After this easy morning, I took a walk along the beach, then decided to take a quick dip in the pool before flying back to New York. While I wouldn’t say this was the most beautiful beach I’ve seen – you all should know by now I have high standards – it was definitely well kept. Even though these were both quick activities, they turned my morning into one of the most relaxing that I’ve had in about two months.

The only photo not taken by me is the one of myself, which was taken by my boss, Del Alfred.

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