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March 29, 2016

Bay Bluffs Park, Florida

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In Pensacola, Florida, my sister and her husband live a little farther up the bay. Near their house is Bay Bluffs Park. This area is less of a traditional park and more of a large and windy scenic stairway. Just off Scenic Highway you can turn into this newly restored park and stop off at a few different points for pull up bars, workout benches and other simple exercise setups. There’s also spots where you can leave the wooden paths and walk onto the beach. Though I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the bay, and the sand is a little darker and tougher than the nearby beaches opening up to the Gulf of Mexico, this beach is still great to lay out on, catch some rays, and even do a little yoga on.

As you can see, the sunsets are beautiful from this Northwestern side of Pensacola, and the dark blue water  of the bay makes a great background for any subject.

Because this is a rocky beach, you definitely have to be careful if you decide to get a little more active and go for a run or even decide to do a handstand, because, you know… why not?

Rocks and other natural findings like this are always fun to spell out your name with, make a cute heart with, or even go all out and create a cool shape to lay in. This definitely would have looked better if the letters were slightly thicker with more rocks, but it was getting dark and we were ready for some fresh shrimp. I would definitely check this place out though, plus even on vacation, a little yoga and a mini workout on those stairs will really have you feeling refreshed.

All photo credits with me pictured, again go to my friend Larissa. Really she’s like my personal photographer, but especially this week because she was the only friend I brought with me on vacation.

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