February 26, 2020

Cloud Forest – Singapore

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If I had to pick one attraction that I would tell you not to miss in Singapore, it would have to be the Cloud Forest. It’s also in one of the most beautiful parks IO’ve ever seen, so it’s a Singapore bonus!

Getting There

You can visit the Cloud Forest in the Gardens by the Bay, which is a beautiful park in itself. If you get off of the MRT at the Bayfront stop, you can come up to street level right near the ticketing booth for the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. If you’d like to see these greenhouses but don’t want to walk, there’s a shuttle that can take you! However, if you are fit to walk, I recommend taking in the gorgeous landscaping and art installations of the park.


You can buy a ticket for only the Flower Dome or Cloud Forest for S$20, which at the time of writing this equated to $14.31 in USD. If you’d like to do both, that will cost you S$28. A round trip shuttle pass will cost an additional S$5.


It was such a beautiful walk through the entire exhibit. When you first enter, you’ll be greeted by an incredibly tall waterfall. You can then go on to one of the many photo worthy flower walls. One of my favorite parts on the ground floor was the orchid garden.

You’ll then go through various exhibits and stopping points. I really enjoyed the carnivorous plant section, and Christian liked the “Crystal Cave.” There’s also a very picturesque spot behind the waterfall.

Try to be on the treetop walk during misting time! It’ll feel like you’re on top of a cloud, looking down.

The forest ends with a more educational tunnel, explaining the damage that humans are doing to the areas of the world that this greenhouse represents. This section is truly eye opening even if you think you already know about climate change.

I didn’t think this would take us so long to get through. We stopped to look and read about every other plant description, and at this pace the entire exhibit took us about two hours to get through. Give yourself plenty of time, and you’ll be glad you did!