March 31, 2017

Exploring Shanghai in DIY Pom Pom Shoes

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Since everybody loved the post of these jeans on my Instagram, I decided to do a blog post on the entire outfit.

These embroidered Zara jeans are perfect for me, because I love to mix and match pieces to minimize my packing. Zara has plenty of other embroidered jeans, but these ones have some neutral colors as well as green – something I wear a lot to offset my mild rosacea (my red toned skin.) These different colors allow me to wear a few different color tops with these jeans, as well as white sneakers because of the absence of dye near the bottom. This time, I went with a cozy camel colored turtleneck.

Now about these white sneakers. I’ve recently been loving the pom pom trend, especially in bright colors on heels! This is one of the few times I’m upset that bright colors don’t fit into my wardrobe. Instead, I put three large ones on a pair of simple white H&M sneakers that cost me only $25. I did this by simply sewing a loop into the pom pom and around the laces, so you can still move the laces to take the shoes on and off.

This outfit was perfect for when I first arrived in Shanghai and wanted to explore, but didn’t know where to start – with another layer underneath this sweater and a pair of sneakers, I was ready to explore a completely new culture.

On this day, I explored the Bund, my campus, and the area just surrounding the Bund. The view was absolutely beautiful, but if your schedule is flexible, I suggest waiting for a day when the air quality is under 50 PPM. Most weather apps will give you this information for Shanghai.

It’s not very time consuming, because directly surrounding the Bund there isn’t much to do; however, about a ten minute walk from here you can reach West Nanjing Road. This is a major shopping hub in Shnaghai and holds many brands’ flagship stores. The pedestrian only street (except the trolley that will run you down without a care) is beautiful just to gawk at a bunch of brands you may have never heard of from back home. I especially loved exploring the Korean beauty stores that I would other

wise have to order from online.


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