Costa Rica

January 27, 2017

Playa Jaco

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Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and Ticos have high standards of beauty for their beaches. This is why if you ask any Tico, they will tell you not to go to Playa Jaco.

Yes, there are far more beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, but if you have obligations in San Jose like I did, it makes a nice trip just for a day or two as it’s only a two hour bus ride there, and less than an hour and a half return trip. I found it interesting that on almost all of my excursions outside of San Jose, the return trip was substantially shorter, mostly due to the capability of the bus and the mountainous terrain where you’re always riding on a road at an angle.

This is definitely not the most safe town surrounding a beach in Costa Rica. It’s known for its prostitution and ease of access to these women. To stay safe, I stuck to the bar connected to the hostel we were staying in. The streets aren’t well lit so if I had gone much farther, I may not have found my way back.

The sand is much darker than any other beach I visited in Costa Rica, but surprisingly not too hot. I can’t comment honestly about the water because I never even went in. The waves looked pretty rough and I was looking for a relaxing day on the beach, not to be swept under. Not surprisingly, I didn’t see anyone swimming the entire time I was there.

Overall the only advantage of this town and beach is the proximity to the capital, San Jose. If you have an extra few hours on each end for a longer bus ride, just go to a nicer and higher rated beach among Ticos. Believe me, it’s worth the travel.

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