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May 2, 2016


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One thing I love: a beautiful day spent outside. Another thing I love: lots and lots of delicious food. Based on these two facts, I’m sure you can guess why I absolutely loved Smorgasburg.
This past weekend I went on a Sunday, which means Smorgasburg was on Breeze Hill in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Since the subway stop I got off at was on the opposite side of the park, we had to walk for about 15 minutes before reaching the event, but on such a warm spring day, I wasn’t complaining at all.
There’s so many different kinds of delicious looking food here, you’ll want to try a little of everything. That’s why I think your best option here is to go with a friend (or a few.) Then you can all get something different and try each others’! Because there’s so many options, I definitely suggest getting the smaller version of everything so you can try it without having to settle on just one vendor for your entire meal.

I could go on about all the tasty things I ate here, but like every other place featured on Urban Hallucination this is something you really have to experience yourself. In place of that, I can tell you the food that I did try and show you pictures of whatever I was patient enough to not swallow whole the second I got it.

At Bite Size Kitchen, I got two hot buns: one red curry coconut chicken and one duck legs. Wow. I’ve never had hot buns before, but these two went way past my expectations.
At Lonestar Empire: the brisket bun of course. They also serve pulled pork, but when a barbecue joint is known for their brisket: you get the brisket. Also it’s hard to resist as they’re cutting it right in front of you. The combination of pickles, peppers, sauce, and cole slaw on top were nothing short of extraordinary, it almost makes me wish I got a big instead of a lil’.
At Takumi Taco: Unfortunately I can’t name the taco I got, but I can say it didn’t disappoint one bit, and if there’s one thing I really enjoy, it’s a good taco.
At Anya’s Licorice: Usually I’m not a licorice person, but the mango flavor was a tropical party in my mouth.

At Wowfull: I’ve been waiting to get to this. This was my absolute favorite vendor here. The traditional Hong Kong egg waffles (or Gai Dan Jai) and ice cream are a delicious treat without being too sweet that you feel your teeth are going to fall out. I went the green tea route with pistachio ice cream, while my friend Benjie ordered the original waffle with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. We knew this place was going to be tasty when we saw the line, but we still waited about 20 minutes, and because of that, they offered us free extra toppings!

We really went to Prospect Park just to eat, but after we were done with that, we spent another few hours walking around and discovered how beautiful this park was, especially the huge planters cluttered with tulips.

PC: Any photo with myself pictured in this post was taken by Benjie Ventura.

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