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April 14, 2016

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

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Well, we walked to the Whitney on a warm Wednesday and we went away woeful.
Just kidding, I went on a Friday (crazy weekend, I know.) Unfortunately, I’m not kidding about the woeful part.
I’ll admit I did go at night when it was dark, and much of this museum gave me the impression I needed the full effect of natural light to really understand and appreciate the design of the building. Let’s talk about the building itself! Walking up to the main entrance on Gansevoort St. gave me such high hopes for the interior of this giant art piece.”Here, all at once you have the water, the park, the powerful industrial structures, and the exciting mix of people, brought together and focused by this new building and the experience of art” said Renzo Piano, the architect that designed this facility. I believe that factor itself to be the best piece of art in this exhibit.

History section: Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney founded this museum in 1931. She was a sculptor and major art enthusiast (I mean you must be to start your own museum, right?) In 1929 when the Metropolitan Museum of Art rejected her pieces as a donation offer, she decided to start her own museum. In 1954, her pieces were relocated as an exhibition in the Modern Museum of Art. The original location was located in Greenwich Village. From 1966 until just under two years ago in October 2014, this museum was located on the Upper East Side of Madison Avenue. The new location at 99 Gansevoort St. is by far the most extravagant (and expensive at $422 million for the construction.)

The entire museum couldn’t have taken us more than an hour to get through, even after all this pictures we stopped for. I would’ve loved to see something more, but we felt like we had studied everything so intently it was close to boring. Maybe I’m just more impressed with different styles of art, but unfortunately I can’t place this one in my list of favorite museums.

I am glad that my friends and I went on a warm night though, because the views from the balconies were an astounding feature and great for taking pictures.

I also wish we’d gone during the day, because there’s free tours throughout the day, which may have made me appreciate what I was seeing more. The only good thing about going on a Friday night, which we were unaware of before we got there is that on Fridays 7-10pm, you pay what you wish to enter.

Comment underneath if you have a better experience here, hopefully during the day, I’d love to hear how different it is in the light.

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