September 20, 2018

Phi Phi Viewpoint

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The Phi Phi Viewpoint on the east side of Koh Phi Phi is definitely worth a visit!

When to Go

Essentially, this is totally up to you as both sunrise and sunset make for amazing views here. I’ve heard that sunrise is amazing for photos, because it lights up the whole island in that beautiful golden light I’m always craving. If you go during sunrise, it’s usually a little less crowded, but the natural way to sit isn’t a great place to watch the colors of sunrise.

My friends and I went for sunset and were not disappointed one bit. We were able to watch it from the edge and share that experience with plenty of other travelers.

Going during the middle of the day is probably also a great time, though it makes the way up hotter. Be sure not to go on a cloudy day, you’re right near the sea and you’ll end up just being surrounded by clouds and not see much at all.

What to Bring

  • A bottle of water, even though it’s an easy hike, it is still up stairs and you’ll need it.
  • 30 baht, some have said that they paid 30 baht, so it may just be the difference between on and off season
  • Your camera, of course!

How to Get There

Koh Phi Phi is such a small island, and the center of the town where all the action is, is even smaller. Once you’re right in the middle you’ll see signs pointing your way, if you don’t from where you are, just ask anyone at a shop nearby.

Once you’re at the bottom, it’s all stairs to the first Viewpoint, and it should only take you about 20 minutes to reach it. The second viewpoint will be about another 10 minute walk up, but this paved path is more just an uphill path rather than all steps.

The Three Phi Phi Viewpoints

As mentioned above, there are three spots to look out at the island on the way up, Phi Phi Viewpoint 1, Phi Phi Viewpoint 2, and Phi Phi Viewpoint 3. Once you arrive to the first, this will be where you’ll pay 20 baht to enter. This land is owned by Muslims, so there is no drinking on at either viewpoint. Please don’t try to smuggle a beer in your bag. This is their property and you can afford to respect one of their few requests.

The first viewpoint has a lot of statues and colorful artwork, which is beautiful on the way up!

The second viewpoint is where you’ll get the best view for sunset. I suggest getting there about 25 minutes before sunset on a clear day to get a good sitting spot, though there are plenty of great areas to sit. My friends and I were lucky enough to get a beautiful front row seat.

Beware, this walk is partly stairs, but mostly just uphill concrete. It can be a sweat inducing walk on a hot day, but definitely doable for almost everyone.

In all, just go ahead, it’s an easy walk up and you won’t be disappointed with the views here, there’s a reason this spot is so popular!

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