March 16, 2018

Bell Bottom Outfits

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Everyone knows the classic bell bottom outfit, or at least the style. A super boho style outfit with a mix of suede pants and a denim jacket or vice versa always looks great and I’ll rock that again and again, but when you’re trying to make the most of your pieces, you want to find new ways to rock those pants.

This mustard yellow pair looked great with a western vibe made up of a medium brim hat with metal details around it, a leather jacket, and suede booties. The scoop neck top and dramatic layered necklace really elevates this look. I can post that later on if anyone would like to see some of my favorite western outfits.

Then I wanted to switch it up and put a city twist on this, so I paired the same pair of mustard yellow ribbed bell bottoms with Vans Ward High Top skate shoes, a fitted scoop neck and a shearling lined black denim jacket with an intricately colored skull. A black choker would also look awesome with this outfit. To give it a little more spunk I just added two mini space buns.


Though I achieved these two looks with mustard yellow bell bottoms, you can do it with any color bell bottoms. Some detail at the top of the pants such as a belt or tie would usually help as well!

I also now have a suede pair of bell bottoms that I’ve fallen in love with, and will be posting outfits with those very soon!

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