November 21, 2017

Why I Never Leave Without a Bandana

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Bandanas have quickly become one of my favorite and most versatile accessories. In this post I’m going to discuss the infinite number of ways you can put one to use both for style and utility!

The most obvious and on trend way to wear your bandana is around your neck, but there’s more way than one! Folded and tied up into a knot (left)  is perfect if you forgot all of your accessories and your neck feels naked. Scrunched up, tied in the back and a corner pointing down (right below) looks great with a v-neck, giving that perfect sliver of skin between your bandana and your top!

This one is half style/half utility. I put my bandana on my bag both to distinguish it from everyone else’s if I put it somewhere like under a bus or in a coat room, as well as to give it a personal touch.

Though similar to my everyday bag, I often tie a bandana around my traveling backpack to tie up any of those loose straps or ties that can get caught on passing door handles, seats, or even other people. It’s also a great way to carry an extra bandana for traveling, but if you’re putting your backpack anywhere other than your lap, I suggest you wash it before putting it around your neck or wiping your face with it.

Tying it around my purse strap is purely for style, unless you’re going to use it later!

Another way to wear a bandana  is wearing it tied around your belt loop. Having this draping down the middle of your leg slims it out too, like a more 3-dimensional stripe.

The more functional version of a bandana on your pants is tied around your waist like a belt. For me, this only works on high waisted pants and a little bigger bandana or silkscarf, but a silk scarf will give your denim an elegant touch. This bandana also weighs much less than a leather belt in your luggage!

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